How Vitamins Can Keep You Young

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Like many others, we can’t help but be excited after hearing about the incredible studies coming out of Harvard’s research on anti-aging. If you haven’t already, search for Dr. David Sinclair’s talks and interviews to hear about his groundbreaking research and his predictions for its potential applications in keeping you younger longer.

As Dr. Sinclair puts it, think of your DNA as the hard drive with all of your genetic information and the epigenome as the software that reads the information. The epigenome controls what genes are turned on or off at any given moment.

Folate, a natural form of vitamin B9, is responsible for controlling DNA methylation. Vitamin A also reduces methylation and, additionally, influences histone acetylation. Both effects further promote the healthy function of the epigenome. Regulating DNA methylation is a key feature of gene therapy.

DNA Strands
DNA Strands

Several studies link problems of methylation, at a gene-specific and a global level, to major chronic diseases like cancer. While more research is needed to prove the extent of their anti-aging benefits, what we know so far is exciting. Especially since Vitamins A and B9 are safe and widely available, whether through diet or supplements. Here’s to feeling young!

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