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Who we are

Pacha, which means “world” in Quechua*, was started by three friends with common interests: A plant geneticist and data scientist, an experienced developer of natural medicines, and a mental health counselor. We seek to contribute to the development of new medicines and supplements for anxiety – the most common mental health problem in the world. We wanted our solutions to be naturally derived, safe, and scientifically proven to be effective. We also care about the biodiversity of Earth’s rainforests, which remain largely unexplored in terms of medicinal research of its plants. Thus, Pacha Health was born.


Pacha Health seeks to improve our customers’ overall health through promoting the use of natural medicines. Our products are backed by scientific evidence to fill a need for safe, natural support for anxiety in its many forms. We care deeply about your wellness and the health of Earth’s natural resources. That’s why every purchase you make will contribute to the development of more medicines and to rainforest preservation.

Our Products

All of our products are organic, GMP certified, and tested for purity. They are made in the USA and are each backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

What we offer

Premium products
backed by science

Latest discoveries
in natural health

Social responsibility
Contributions to rainforest preservation

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