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Facts and Statistics | Anxiety Disorders

Everyone experiences anxiety at some point, like a spike of stress before giving a speech or prolonged fear when driving in unsafe conditions. These anxious feelings have a purpose—they help us stay alert and cautious as well as facilitating the “flight” response in harmful situations. This heightened state should not last long; however, if someone experiences overwhelming...

The power of gratitude and its effects on mental health

Comprehensive healthcare has become increasingly important in modern medicine, leading to a growing trend of allowing people to take more active roles in the daily management of their health and wellbeing. Mental health professionals have been attempting to identify low-effort, high-impact strategies that can lead to notable mental health improvements. Among these strategies—including mindfulness and exercise  routines—the...

Why should we fight mental health stigma?

Mental health issues affect approximately 25% of people globally at least once in their lives1; yet despite its prevalence, mental illness remains heavily stigmatized. Many people who experience mental health problems report difficulties finding employment, pursuing education, and maintaining long-term relationships2,3. While these effects are not solely caused by stigma, it negatively impacts people's...

Chamomile Incognito: The Quietly Known Medicinal Properties of Chamomile

Most of us are familiar with Chamomile as a calming herbal tea, but few people are aware of its full range of benefits supported by scientific research. It has shown significant effectiveness in treating numerous diseases and ailments. (Click on each term to read a corresponding scientific study) Conditions with Scientific Support for Treatment...